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Beauty Parlour & Spa Center


Specialist in Skin Care.
Comprehensive range of services, which include the ultimate in soothing fusion therapies, facials, total body treatments, and the very latest in beauty therapy, aromatherapy, mehndi body tattooing, nail art, creative bindi, skin care, personal grooming, bridal makeup, hairstyle, hair care, hair design hair streak, and hair color techniques are offered at SHA-ALEENA Beauty Parlor Jodhpur which bring relaxation, rejuvenation and education to your daily life.


Our New Services

-> Removal of Wrinkle from Skin in just three sitting with non surgical face lifting.
-> Breast Tonning and Firming in just three sitting.
-> Removal of unwanted hair through IPL (Intense pulse light).
-> Inch loss by laser lipolysis.
-> Weight loss through electronic muscle exerciser.

OUR Regular Services

->100% cure of Pimples in Just 30 Days.
->Removal of warts, moles and skin blemishes in three sittings.
->Rebounding, Puming, Hair Fall and Anti dandruf treatment.
->Hair Spa and Body Spa.

Slimming Center

we serve you with our electronic muscle exerciser whic reduces 10-15 Kg weight in a month. Preventing you from the exhausting workouts at your gym. Through our muscle exerciser we provide effortless exercise which reduces the excee fat in your body and hence resulting in slim and fit body.